Emma Reidy, Chief Executive Officer

Emma is CEO of Aoibhneas since 2012 with 18 years’ experience working in the area of domestic abuse in both a frontline and senior management capacity. Emma’s journey through Aoibhneas has been personally and professionally transformative, having begun working with the charity 16 years ago and taking on roles of keyworker, outreach worker, interim deputy manager, manager and CEO!
Emma has a Bachelor’s (hons) Degree in Social Science, Master’s Degree in Equality Studies, and Master’s in Business Administration with additional qualifications in Human Resource Management, Group Facilitation, Mentalisation Behaviour Training, Leading Remote Teams and Executive Business Coaching.
Emma’s area of focus in her academic studies was the role of women, family and conflict. During her time in college Emma volunteered in specialist services that supported women affected by prostitution and domestic abuse. Further to that Emma has worked with non-for-profit organisations in the areas of homelessness, housing and domestic abuse.
Emma identifies the importance of having first-hand experience working with families in a trauma-based capacity to best facilitate deep understanding and appreciation of how a service should mould and adapt to assist women and children to rebuild themselves of their choosing.
Aoibhneas over 30 years has been able to shape and deliver a multi responsive service that facilities beyond trauma care vital recovery and healing from domestic abuse. Aoibhneas identifies in the courage it takes for women and children to reach out and its’ commitment to offer safety, recovery and freedom.
In addition to her work with Aoibhneas Emma sits on the Board of Safe Ireland and is a member of the National Observatory against Violence