Biola Wyrwas, Director

Biola Wyrwas is a senior global marketing professional offering over 12 Years of experience within FMCG Business.

Biola has a BA in Economics, Politics, and Law, and a MA in International Relations from DCU.

Biola is also TEDx Speaker and actively leads a cultural diversity and inclusion peer network, as well as pursuing her passion for empowering women and their children.

She was born in Poland to a Nigerian father and a Polish Mother and emigrated to Ireland in 2003, overcoming significant challenges of Direct Provision, embarking on an eventful journey to full integration, and regaining her sense of belonging. Biola believes “if she can do it, we can all do it!”

Biola is a strong storyteller and a passionate writer by always being transparent and authentic, and as a result - a confident driver of change.