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2020 Report

In 2020We delivered some key achievements, which include maintaining service provision, thereby directly supporting 1,111 women and children, this included the delivery of 36,819 interventions to women and 3,999 interventions to children. Further to that we supported 9,065 callers through our 24-hour Helpline


Aoibhneas & Covid

" Over the last months Aoibhneas has adapted to meet the crisis needs of women and children. Our helpline over a 6-month period saw an average 125% increase in callers seeking help and support. While encouraged to see increased callers access our helpline, when restrictions lifted, we saw an influx in crisis presentations with women citing being no longer able to remain in their home with their children safely. We saw the impact isolation and disconnection from community supports had on families in particular the loss of routine that came on foot of school and creche closures.

Children represent the invisible casualties in an abusive home, where their access to support depends on a parents access to their own supports, including a willingness and ability for that parent to see their situation in the first instance as unsafe or even dangerous. We experienced a 17% increase in the number of children that accessed our service in 2019; while positive that we were in a position to support more children it is important that we take stock of the prevalence of domestic violence in homes including everyone impacted by it. We must consider in any recovery plan concerning COVID-19 what investment in specialist services for children will look like and how services like Aoibhneas will be enabled to deliver these specialist supports. "

Emma Reidy, CEO

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Coping with Covid

Operating during Covid

Aoibhneas has seen a sharp rise in calls to its helpline. From March when the lockdown started to the end of August we saw an average increase of 125% to calls to our Helpline.

The devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt by many, in Ireland and across the globe. In battling the virus, global restrictions have not only led to significant socio-economic issues, they have also highlighted ongoing inequalities in our communities. Undoubtedly, you will have seen the many news reports that documented the substantial increase in domestic abuse perpetrated against women throughout the lockdown. Home, which should have been a place of safety during COVID-19.

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We know for a lot of women leaving their home and coming to refuge is the last resort especially when it comes to leaving your home with your children in tow. We often get asked what our accommodation looks like as it conjures various things to people.

It is important we offer families the best possible standards and this remains our priority in this pandemic.

Aoibhneas has a range of measures in place to provide support to families residing with us and accessing support from us during Covid-19. If you would like to see more about why not take a tour!

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recognising the signs

Are you experiencing domestic abuse?

Does someone you know put you down or make you feel bad about yourself? Frighten you by what they say or do? Hit, kick or push you? Force you to have unwanted sexual contact? Control who you can and cannot see? Make you feel unsafe?


You are not alone!

Aoibhneas provides a 24 hour support, information and referral service aswell as access to safe accommodation for women and children forced to leave their home due to domestic abuse. Speak to us now

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our clients say

"The staff are amazing. I can’t begin to mention names but I would like to make special mention of my keyworker, she is amazing and I don’t know what I would have done without her."

"The staff are really lovely, I wasn’t really expecting the refuge to be so welcoming and clean and really work. Thank you all for everything."

"A really good experience, I didn’t know what to expect and was scared and emotional. Staff are amazing. Lifesaver for me."

"I think there are a lot of women suffering domestic violence but few know about a place like this."

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