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Aoibhneas Women and Children’s Refuge recognises the need to work towards social and community change. Aoibhneas Women and Children’s Refuge provide specialist training to statutory groups, non-statutory groups, family resource centres, women’s groups and specialist domestic violence services responding to domestic violence. Aoibhneas Women and Children’s Refuge have designed a positive relationships programme, which is delivered to Secondary Schools and Youthreach. All training provided by Aoibhneas Women and Children’s Refuge is tailored to meet the identified needs of those requesting the training. Some topics/areas covered are:

Professional Front Line Services & Third Level Colleges.
  • Crisis intervention.
  • Understanding the dynamics of Domestic Violence and screening for same.
  • Advice and assistance on legal, housing, social welfare, rights and entitlements,budgeting.
  • Good practice .
  • Impact on women
  • Impact on children
  • Access to a 24 hour confidential helpline service to women and agencies/ family/ friends ringing on behalf of women who are looking for information about aspects of their current situation.
Positive Relationship Programme for Schools, Adolescents, Teenagers & Young Adults.
  • Age Appropriate discussion on Domestic Violence.
  • Group Work: on what boys / girls want from a relationship.
  • Group Work: on healthy and unhealthy relationships.
  • Group Work: What makes you angry? How do you react if you are angry? Can you control your anger?
Some of the services we provided Training and Workshops to in 2017 include:
Clubs, Groups and Interested Bodies (Adults)
  • Understanding the dynamics of Domestic Violence
  • Legal Options.
  • Safety plans.

Please email outreach@aoibhneas.org or phone at (01) 8670805 to make enquires or a booking.